28 Mei

May be I am disappointed, but, I can’t say so, since we just meet twice, with a very short conversation.. I only said to you, “gw pulang duluan ya”…May be I feel as if nothing happened, but still, I can’t say so, I was happy when you sent me a poem (or poetry?), and when you told me that you miss me… it gave me a hope that we can go further…but, the day when I saw you changed your relationship status into “In a relationship” I was shocked..yups, be honest, I was not that shocked sih…

Then, I texted you asking, whether you’re really in a relationship or not, and you just replied “cuma iseng^^” and I believed it *(but, with a bunch of curiosity, I was not that sure)..okay, it’s no-problem for me, genuinely I am totally fine…it’s your life, your choice, I don’t want you to lie your self, just because of me…I do really appreciate your honesty, acknowledging that you’ve already been taken *(even though you lied in the beginning, but you told me the reason why..I really appreciate it! 🙂 )

Now, I just can hope you to be my friend..even though everything will never be the same again…thanks God, I am not that into you, I’d just started to fall in love with you..but I haven’t felt  yet.. I hope you’ll be happy, thanks for the poetry you’ve sent to me…*(now, I start to think that you’ve sent a message to wrong number…I think that poetry was not meant to be sent to me haha)

I hope you’d be happy as a couple with your valentine… now, and forever… 🙂

And, this is it!! time for me to get my own valentine!!!


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