lagi pengen ng-english :)

27 Jan

so many things in my mind,,so hard to reveal, so hard to tell..just make me dizzy..arghh!! can’t concentrate at all, while too much to handle..gosh!!I have to be strong, and be optimist, not to lose my faith not to give up, it’s just a little thing, no need to worry..I can make it, yes I can..I do believe!!. These are my last days here, I’ll be finishing my job by end of january, then I can take a deep breath and relax!! not for long time, because my thesis is waiting for me..I should have finished it before August, wish me luck!!! beside that, I’ll continue my spanish and french course, kinda in hurry, the deadline is getting closer and closer, can’t wait any longer, I should be good at both of them…arghh!! and of course, in english too…I wanna take toefl preparation test course too, and may be IELTS, still confused deciding which one that’ll be my priority..

Honestly, I love this rush, it makes me feel so live, doing many things, for my own future..even though, sometimes I am so fed up, but, it doesn’t mean that I am gonna stop it…just need to take a rest, and some refreshing, after that, I am ready for new challenges and also new experiences… 🙂


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