When We Were Together…

31 Agu

you’ll be one of my greatest history ever!!! I still remember the moment we first met..and stared each other, and then smiled…yuhuuu…I was melting when I saw your smile…my heart felt stop beating for a while…and suddenly I can’t breathe…now, though that moment has gone, I can still remember it if it has been part of my inseparable memory, even though I suffer from amnesia but, it won’t be able to banish…I swear!!
then, we became closer, sending a message and calling each other, it had been our routines, before finally we decided to be a couple…we had passed so much time together, though from the distance, we trusted each other, and shared about so many things, till the day I had to leave you…
the day that might be unforgettable for you and of course for me too…the day when your heart was hurt…
the day when I realize that we can’t be together anymore.. *(at that time I thought that perhaps this goodbye is just for the time being, but then I knew, that it could be for ever )
we had to split up,, leaving all the memories we had…forgetting the left things…and I do really know that your heart has been hurt by me so bad…
I’m disappointing you…I know it, but what can I do?! only a wish for you, that you’ll find another one better, because I do believe that you deserve it!
so, since that time, we’re just a friend…common others…

Di, ………………


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